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I had a Weird Dream
Monday, April 4, 2011 @ 9:12:00 AM

Another weird dream. Or we can call it crazy dream. Let me tell you the story.
"I'm with my brother. I don't know where we going. All i know is. I have a pizza on my bag pack. And he has the ticket somewhere. Meanwhile we're on West Triangle. Seeing small kid playing with his huge pet? A big bear looks like a rat. Ewwww! Well. He is a nice pet. And i forgot his name. All i know is ~ i don't want to touch him. But suddenly he hugs me. Yuck! But he is so soft like a bear? Ofcourse he should be so soft and fluffy like a bear cause he is a bear. But he looks like a scary huge mouse. Grrr! And we go to other place again. We're crossing and suddenly i realized i'm with my 2 sisters. Named -- Maricar and Marjorie. Huh?! why is ate Maricar here? She should be on the convent. Oh nevermind. And suddenly, i felt like its evening and we're walking down the street. And we saw a man holding a bomb? Yes! A bomb. We're scared and we hide somewhere but he sees us! And he finds us. We're running and running. And im so scared. He throw a bomb and he hide from an old house. And i became wild. I scream --thats the way my brother and Ate Maricar escape. And i talked to the kidnapper. He is like a kidnapper. He wants to kill me. But he couldn't -- i have a secret technique. And we did escape too".

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