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Birthday Gifts/Foods
Sunday, September 30, 2012 @ 1:26:00 PM

What else could i ask for more?
Happy Birthday Kareni. Whats my handa? SBarro, Bonchon, Red Ribbon cake ♥
Choco Mucho, Goldilocks cake, Spaghetti and Pancit.

Thank you Family and Friends :*

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Papeng and Isabelle's gift
Saturday, September 29, 2012 @ 12:39:00 AM

9/28. Well, My birthday is done. Im now 18.. Okok im happy. But whats this? Ive just experienced the greetest surprise. From my college friend. So here's the story.

Friday morning. I manage to printscreen all the birthday greeting from FB Twitter and on my Phone. Well, i didn't attend my first subject because they said that maam wont discussed. Ok i decided to go to school by 1pm. And my friend Eunice called she said that she's sick and she wont be able to go to class. I received 6 missed call from her. Afterwards, i cooked my breakfast-lunch then Jam texted me. She said that we will be having an emergency group work. Ako naman tong si dali-daling nagmadali. As in, text sila na text.

At school, i haven't seen my classmate.. kung saan kami nagkklase. Where are they? I saw Eunice walking towards me. The heck? i thought d sya papasok? Then she hugged me and greeted me a Happy birthday. I saw Jam, may hawak hawak na Goldilocks na cake. Waaa! Tapos may number 18 na candle. Nakita ko na ang Papeng.. Kinantahan nila ako ng Happy birthday, Ako naman tong si iyak sa sobrang tuwa... After non. Pinasa na sakin ni Jam mga kalokohan nila. Ahm. they took a video, most of my classmates greeting me a Happy birthday. Pauso ang Papeng. Ang sweet lang nila. Tapos kumaen na kami. I was so shock na todo effort sila. Pinaglutuan pa ko ng Spaghetti ni Kathy at may dalang pancit si Josiah.. Nahiya ako ng sobra.. Alam nila kalagayan ko. Ayon! Ang saya super. Dami bumati sakin kahit late na. At ang daming nagabot ng gifts. Puro pagkaen :*Thank you Lord And thank you Papeng and Isabelle ♥

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Friday, September 28, 2012 @ 9:47:00 AM

I am now legally 18. Pwede na kong makulong? >.< Anyway. I would like to thank all my fans, JK! My friends, relatives and love one who greeted me on my birthday. And those who gave their gifts to me though i don't have money to treat them. Well, i am so happy that i am now 18. And i don't know why? That's it.. Im glad that it didn't rain on my birthday.. Hooray! No typhoon. But my birthday had a hot weather.. Weird? Isn't it.

To those who not greeted me. Regalo na lang ah? Hehe. I just noticed that i just gained more friend in year 2012. Unlike last year, onte lang bumate.. Mas marami ngaun. And mas sweet ung mga bumabate ngaun. Im so happy.

Thank you, God for keeping me exist in this year for almost 18 years. Thanks for the blessings and love im receiving from You and from the people you created to love me ang protect me. I hope my remaining years of existing will be more happy and fun, trials will come but i could chorva it.. I don't know the term.

Well, im back being a blogger. I hope everyone will be safe today and will be safe tomorrow. God bless Everyone.

Love from Kareni ♥

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Birthday Greetings 9/27
@ 9:30:00 AM

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Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 1:27:00 AM


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