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Day Off for 4 Days
Thursday, March 24, 2011 @ 3:31:00 PM

Saturday morning, i went to my fathers house on Project 8. I noticed that every time i go there many people keep staring at me. Am i that look like a stranger to them or their just staring at me cause I'm pretty. Never mind, well -- i first saw my uncle named Willie. And he take me to my grandmother. As a respect -- i blessed to her. She get shocked because after 3 months she saw me again. And she keep on pinching my legs. She said I'm sexy and getting more beautiful. Well, I agree with her. And then i saw my grandfather. And i blessed to him too. I saw my sister -- Ate Ann. And then my sister Ate Grace. She told me to wait because she's not yet finish. So, i decided to talk to my grandfather instead. I asked him if we are a Spanish. He said -- Yes cause his grandfather is a Spanish. Being a Spanish is in our blood. I'm proud of it. I asked many things about him. How old is he, How old is he when he get married, How he met my grandmother and many many more. And then i asked my grandmother. Same question. Isn't it nice to talk to old people. Cause they knew many things and they've all experienced many things.

It's time to packed our things. Good thing my brother Kevin got home early so he has time to packed and prepare his things. We'll be going to MIA terminal 1. Cause we're going to fetch my sisters boyfriend named Akio Motohashi but we call him Kuya M for short. We went to Money Charger somewhere in Manila. And I see a Korean girl and boy entered to the door. The boy is so cute! He's like a Super Junior member. As we finished changing the money. We went to Atrium Hotel in Buendia. The hotel is so cool. Cause the reception area was found on the 15th floor. Weird isn't it? After 10 minutes we go to our room. On the 17th floor. I saw a CCTV camera. And i keep on waving to the camera. I wonder what people would say when I'm waving at the camera. As i enter our room i open the television first. And search for a good channel to watch but i couldn't see a nice channel so i stuck on Myx channel.

By evening, we went to Robinsons Mall. We saw the vice president of the Philippines -- VP Binay. Ate the Burger King, we ate our merienda -- a tasteful and yummy burger. I noticed that most of their customers are Americans. I remember that Americans love burgers ~ not much rice. And all we do is to take some pictures. Covering our nose. Cause my brother has a big pimple there.

After that I saw two old people talking. They're so sweet. I realized -- what if i become old too. Will i get married too? Will i have my own family too? And will my future husband will last? I envy those old people who's still together and never end their love to each other. I hope i will experienced that too.

 At last, we bought a slippers on HUMAN. Cause they don't have -- Actually i have one but i will choose too cause it's free. Free slippers! Free slippers! Free slippers! After we bought slippers. We saw the Korean guy again. Shopping Shopping with his girlfriend.

And then we went somewhere in Manila. Full of bars and restaurant there. We went to Japanese restaurant but its still close and we met the owner of the restaurant -- a Japanese too. He talked to my sister in Nihongo. But i couldn't understand them. After a minute i saw a car. And i saw them entering at the car. I was shocked cause its not our car and we don't have any car. They said that their just get us to another open restaurant. At the restaurant, we have a television but the show is a Japanese news. Bit i don't mind i keep on watching. Because its the news about the earthquake happened on Japan. My sister usually order our food. So, its a surprise. I taste so many kind of Japanese food. Yummy! And its the first time i tasted the Kimchi. It's really a spicy food yet a delicious one.

Sunday morning. We woke up early. About 6 o'clock in the morning. I want to sleep. But  we had an early flight to Cebu. Its so nice to shower on the hotel where it has a bath tub and a shower room. Going to NAIA terminal 3. Flight going to Cebu. We checked our bags but the line is too long so we fall in line for almost an hour. Last Call! Last Call! Last Call!We keep on running at the airport. Because the airplane is about to leave. I heard my name calling from the lobby. "Miss Karen del Prado" But we made it. Still, we got on the airplane.

OK its my first time on the airplane. So their still a nervous on me. All i want to do is to sleep. But by an hour we will be on Cebu. So i decided to watch the clouds outside. But all i can see is light. After an hour. We're in Cebu na! Goosh! I'm hungry. We didn't eat our lunch. Thank God -- they've order Jollibee foods from Manila but where we eat it? They have no table or any restaurants. We keep on walking and finding place where we could our lunch. I realized that we always enter on the "NO ENTER" sign. How naughty we are. And meanwhile we sat on the waiting area. And we eat out lunch -- Chicken joy. We're about to eat out lunch for 3 minutes. So that we could go to the resort -- Plantation Bay.

There's a man who will take us to plantation bay. And a cute small bus welcomed us. So, that's the bus that will take us on Plantation. I was bored and sleepy. So, i just open my mp3 player and listen to Korean songs indicated there. And i noticed that all the place we passed are like Koreans restaurant. After 30 minuted trip. We're on Plantation Bay.

I was excited when i saw people on their bikinis and swimming around. The place was so lovely and so clean. All i can say is WOW! And there's a car -- like jeep will take us on our room. I was shocked because why would he take us on our room -- our room is just 50 meters away from the lobby.
 When we got on our room. First i do is open the TV. Thank God its a Destiny Cable. More on Korean and Japanese Show. I said to myself. I will not going to swim. I'll just watch here and have fun. But the nature call. I need to go to comfort room. I was amazed again. "What a beautiful comfort room. Oh! I wanna live here" After that. We ate chicken with no rice. And we take some tour on Plantation Bay before we change our dress. When we tour the place we saw a Bahay-Kubo there.

And after we tour the place. We go back to our room. I open the television again. And BOOM! i saw Eunhyuk Lee performing on M-Countdown. "Oh i don't wanna go to swim. I just want to watch and see Koreans here" But after i saw Eunhyuk. I change my clothes. "Im ready to swim welcome two piece"

After we swim. We ordered a coconut. Fresh and cold coconut. When we ordered it. My sisters boyfriend a Japanese asked what will he eat here. Cause there's no coconut on Japan.

The swimming pool is full of Koreans. I saw a Korean boy staring at me when we walk. Wow! He's cute. And he keep on staring at me. That makes me blush. And after a long swimming. We shower again and dress up for dinner. The place is so perfect. We saw a wedding ceremony there.

Oh! I'm full. After we ate meat at dinner. And this is the first time i taste Bibimbap. A Korean food. My sister told me that i should taste it cause Eunhyuk eats that. I was shocked when she said the name Eunhyuk. He knows him. After we ate our dinner. We come to our room again. Cause we had a flight by tomorrow. And we should take a rest so that we could wake up early by tomorrow. But we couldn't sleep. So, my brother and i take some tour again. But we take a joy ride on the jeepney-like-car. So we take some picture. Again and again. Through shower room.

Monday, early morning. Like 4 o'clock in the morning. I woke up and take some shower. Ready to go and go back to Manila. We had an awesome trip on Cebu. I'm lucky and thankful to out of town. On the Airport. We we're pissed cause we saw a restaurant. Well, its no use. we just eat out breakfast there. Our table is full of drinks. Water, pineapple juice and hot chocolate. But we had a load of water on our bag. Its time again to fall in line. We keep on running again. The man told me. Why your water still there? I have no idea what is he saying. When we got on the checking loads. The lady told me that we couldn't take the water cause strictly. Now i know why the man told me that. I heard my name again. Last call! Last call! "Miss Karen del Prado" Blah! blah! blah! Running again.

On the airplane. i was on the side. And i could see everything. I saw the cottony-like-clouds. It's cute. Afterwards, i feel sick. I could here anything but a cracking sounds on my ears. And i feel like im going to take all i've been eaten. NASUSUKA AKO.  

Manila. My brother has a school by 12. So he he was the one who go home first. While, the remaining us will eat on Shakeys. Yumm! I ordered a Cookie Chip Shake. While watching Ne-Yo on television. After that. My sister and her boyfriend ordered a food so that he has a food while he's in Japan. Cause, there's no stack of food there. 

Going home, to project 8. I was about to sleep on taxi. I don't know if my face looks good. I'm so tired. But when we got home. I help my sister on her mini store. 

Going home, on San Mateo. I woke up 5 in the morning so that i will be in home by 6 -- something. Welcome Home!

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