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No Mr. Biology Yesterday
Tuesday, January 31, 2012 @ 7:13:00 PM


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Manila with Donne
@ 6:46:00 PM

Yes, we are here in the Manila. A place where i feel like im in Spain. So cool place. Luhh, though so many University a college students walking around and rainign slighty. We managed to go to our destined places. So this is our story ~

behind us is a Church, i dont know the name. soo,  NEVERMIND!

selca again ... behind us still the church. NEVERMIND again.

selca .. behind us is a fountain. a cool fountain that would made me say WOW!

behind us is the San Sebastian Church .. 

Me: Ayy. May kasal, tara pasok tayo sa loob.
Donne: Ano gagawin natin sa loob?
Me: Tayo ung next :)

Luuuuhhhh ♥

Ok .. this remaining photos are Donne's shot. So i am the model.. luhh. Live with it! :D

This is a cool place. Soo, 19th century.. cool foundation of the building. I hope our future house build with this kind of brix.

This is the nevermind church :D

Cool fountain and nevermind church ..

At Jollibee . taking my lunch. Luhh <3 i didn't know he's taking a picture. So this is a stolen shot obviously of what ive said. This time, i offered him my sprite.

Im eating.. luhh! <: so serious on the chicken joy!

While walking .. im so tired </////////3

After this shot. I said to him that he should carry me. PIGGY BACK! yey :D



with FOUNTAIN #1

with FOUNTAIN #2

my shot. Still in Manila post office.

San Sebastian church. #Donne'sShot

wedding ceremony inside so we didn't get a chance to go inside. So we took some picture instead --

with whoever it is <////3 :DD

After our journey in Manila. Food trip with Donne <3. Ice cream time .. 

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SM City North Edsa
Thursday, January 26, 2012 @ 12:03:00 PM

ok. Another day with Faith. Kuya Teddy, Kuya Jhune and Kuya Mike. My bestfriend and uncles-kuno went to Mall again. Their treat, its so nice to go out without your own expense, right? Anyway, before we go out. we made a selca with Faith. Posing like whatever we want to do.

uhhhh ~ luhhhhhhh~

This is Kuya Teddy. The nicest uncle at all. His treat. Oyee. We went to The Block because there is a Dragon there. Naughty him. Posing like that.

Kuya Jhune. The naughtiest uncle at all. He sometimes serious and something got a naughtiest joke and naughtiest trip at our 3rd home.

Me and Faith, Behind us is a Big big dragon.

Ok. The time we take a picture with Kuya Teddy. He is like an artist and we are his fans.

We will watch Alvin and the Chipmunks. But before we enter in the theater. We go around and take a picture  in the Toy Kingdom. Thanks to our photographer. Kuya Jhune.

After we watch the movie. We saw Simon, Alvin and our favorite Theodore (Jesse McCartrney -- my crush -- his voice). And we took some picture again! 12am already.

OKKKKKKKKKKK. im so wiwi that time. we are falling in line for the bathroom. hhu! but its so TAGAL, so i made a selca again. not knowing that faith didn't mind what im doing. 

Its so TAGAL talaga! almost 15 mins in the line. I think the man inside the CR is doing a pupu :> Hhe! well, i sit on the stair cause im tired standing while faith keep on waiting.

Inside the CR. Hha! the design inside is so cool, its like a hotel. Well. Thank you. We will eat after -- clubhouse and halo-halo for midnight snack. :)
By the way, we were in IceBerg,

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Yellow Day
@ 11:46:00 AM

So, here comes the point that we will go to SM City north Edsa again. and i have that guts wearing a sleeveless and short. Though, its so cold that night. I decided to bring a jacket. But before we go, i made a selca while waiting for them to finish preparing.

I came to the point remembering my twin-like quote!
"Kapag sexy, maganda na agad? D ba pwedeng Hipon muna?"
Well, then i realized that im such a beautiful girl. No one could deny it. Im proud being me and im proud what beauty i've got.

(seductive looks)

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A Day with Donna
@ 11:36:00 AM

Me and Donna met -- 12112. And we went to Robinsons :) 

Here in the fitting room, my favorite place of taking pictures. I made a selca again with a black shirt that Donna said that made me sexy. Oyee!

Donna and Me ♥

After in the fitting room. She treated me in Mcdo. Float with fries. :) yes! done with shopping.

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Day 3 of Midterm exam
Wednesday, January 18, 2012 @ 7:19:00 PM

Waiting again for our proctor. Super ready to take a test on Math! Yey!

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Midterm 2012 #1st Day
Monday, January 16, 2012 @ 5:23:00 PM

Our last test for the day, waiting for our proctor. Well, im so irritated because of my big pimples. And my head is spinning that time. Hha! Grrr >.<

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Yellow Cab with Kareni
@ 5:20:00 PM

Look at my face. Do i look like a hungry beggar? im so hungry that time. can't wait for the waiter to serve our order. OYEE!

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