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I Won
Wednesday, February 23, 2011 @ 3:30:00 PM

I still can't believe that i really won! Thanks again to my friend Donna. Actually, she's the one who sent my entry. She's so great.At first i didn't know that i won. I send my entry earlier. For two hours -- i just keep sending my entries and i said to myself "im tired! when 2 in the afternoon -- i will stop and turn off the computer" But i open my facebook and view the Myx Fan Page. I just want to see their address because tomorrow Me and Donna will claim her tickets. When i scrolled down i saw my name their. I keep on confirming if i really won! And i did. The Customer Service called me regarding about the tickets.


  I can't believe that im seing my name on the list of the winners. I have 4 tickets and a Bonamana album
Thanks again to my friend. Tomorrow we'll be claiming our tickets. Can't wait for the concert!

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