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Wednesday, July 13, 2011 @ 5:19:00 PM

How does it feel -- when someone is just giving you papers on the streets, like flyers. Its annoying right?! But honestly when someone giving me those papers. If he's or she's cute. I always accept it. But some one like tambay err -- ill just ignore them.

Earlier. On my way home. I was on the bus. Near on the window. I always seat near on the window cause i want to sleep and see the street and the walking walking and walking and walking people.

On the Aurora street. The bus i'm riding ~ stopped because of that stupid stoplight. I saw this old man. Smiling with all his best. I saw him giving out flyers. But no one is accepting it. Poor old man! But even though no one accept it, he's still smiling and encouraging people to accept it. He's a nice man -- i guess. Hope he's OK now. And done with his work.

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