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Friends for Sale
Thursday, December 9, 2010 @ 2:30:00 PM

I had lots of fun when I'm playing Friends for sale on Facebook. It's like selling your friend and you earn a lot when you work hard :) as you can see. I'm addicted to FFS (friends for sale) -- MY FFS, cause I am a millionaire there -- having 10m is like a snap. wow! but i see the bad side of playing FFS. you are being addicted, you have more time playing that instead of doing important things, and as you know -- i used another account to earn on FFS, that time i used 7 accounts of my friends (of course i have the permission and they all knew that). Well, I stopped using FFS last june. I get bored because everyday i do stuff again and again (isn't that madness?) but recently I get bored too cause i have nothing to do so i decided to play FFS again to lessen my boredom. And now I'm addicted againt.t.t kek^^

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